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We're Real Healthy not "fake healthy"

Our Coffee Story

Our Coffee Story

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All Day Breakfast
Buenos Dias Bagel, Breakfast Bagel, Mr Egg, Egg in a Cup or Organic Porridge
PLUS any 12oz hot drink
upsize for 50c / add 50c for Organic Matcha / filter coffees not included

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Come and see us at numerous locations

Excise Walk, IFSC, Dublin 1
Phone: 01 6720212

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 07.30 - 16.00
Saturday 08.30 - 16.00
Sunday Closed
The Chq Building, Dublin 1
Phone: 01 8189973

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday 07.45 - 16.30
Friday - 7:45 - 16:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed